Who is Mrs. Jackie?

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Mrs. Jackie

Mrs. Jackie Camp started in 2014.  Mrs. Jackie is a nanny for school age children during the school year and in the summer is when multiple families needed care for their children all at the same time.  We always had fun activities and field trips planned for every day.  The kids began to call the group Mrs. Jackie Camp because we were like a summer camp, only better.  There were many times when Mrs. Jackie had to rent a larger vehicle to take all the kids on field trips, which was Mrs. Jackie's favorite part!
Mrs. Jackie has a bachelor’s degree in math education and has over a decade of experience working with kids as a nanny, teacher, camp counselor, tutor, and mentor.  Mrs. Jackie understands the importance of active learning throughout our everyday lives.  Mrs. Jackie is here to create a fun and safe place for kids to grow together socially and mentally.  We work on reinforcing life skills for kids to become successful in real world and social situations.